The Annunaki Novels

The Annunaki Novels comprise the six books of the Annunaki series and they are available on Kindle, Apple B&N and many other sites as both the compilation and the individual books. 

If you expect the Annunaki of legend then this is not who you get. I illustrate the known mythology of the Annunaki as follows on this web page, however, as I develop over the five novels I explore that the truth about the Annunaki that has been misunderstood and exaggerated over the eons. In many ways the truth as depicted in the novels is far simpler and considerably more influential to our lives today.

The tales surrounding the Annunaki are inconsistent, conflicting and often little more than myth. The Annunaki as portrayed in the books are explorers who set out to find and enhance development of planets and the species that thrive upon them. The four inter-related books in the novel visits many of the key events related to the Annunaki and the impact of their  intervention in the human species over time up to their prophesied return in the year 2022.

Sumerian winged god

Myth and legend has it that the Anunnaki descended from An, the god of gods who ruled over all the gods in ancient Sumeria. They were sky gods who came from the heavens, and Babylonian creation myths say that there were 300 Anunnaki assigned to guard heaven and another 300 to guard the underworld. The Anunnaki make an appearance in The Epic of Gilgamesh as the hero is so fantastic and worthy that he judges the great gods.Humans in ancient Mesopotamia and Sumeria, as early as 2500 B.C. 

Enki was a child of An, the chief Anunnaki, and he copulated with many dieties in order to fill out An’s family tree among Mesopotamian gods and is also known as Ea, Enkig, Nudimmud, Ninsiku) was the Sumerian god of wisdom, fresh water, intelligence, trickery and mischief, magic, exorcism, healing, creation, virility, fertility, and art.

The iconography of Enki depicts him as a bearded man wearing a horned cap and long robes as he ascends the Mountain of the Sunrise; flowing streams of water run from his shoulders, emphasizing his association with life-giving water, while trees representing the male and female principle stand in the background. The streams are interpreted as the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers which, according to one myth, were formed from Enki's semen. His name means "Lord of the Earth" and his symbols are the fish and the goat, both representations of fertility.The Sumerian god Enki is in the middle.

Ea Enki

Originally, Enki was a Sumerian deity of fresh water and patron of the city of Eridu, considered by the people of Mesopotamia as the first city established at the beginning of the world. The god first appears in the Early Dynastic Period (c. 2600-2350 BCE) and was established as an important god of the Akkadians by c. 2400 BCE who knew him as Ea. Excavations at Eridu, however, have uncovered evidence of a tradition of shrines to Enki dating back to the founding of the city c. 5400 BCE. At Eridu he was known as Enki and later, at Akkad, as Ea; the two names are used interchangably for the same deity as is the Babylonian name Nudimmud. Enki was known as Ninsiku only in his aspect as patron of crafts and art, especially objects devoted to divine subjects.

According to legend Enki was the son of Anu, the sky god, in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology and the son of Apsu, the primordial father, in Babylonian texts. He is also referred to as the son of the goddess Nammu, a primordial mother goddess who gave birth to the earth and heavens. Enki's wife was Ninhursag (also known, among many other names as Ninmah and, originally, as Damgalnuna, the Assyrian Damkina) and their sons were Asarluhi (god of magical knowledge), Enbilulu (god of canals and dikes), the human sage Adapa, and the king of the gods, Mardul (who would later absorb the qualities of Asarluhi).

Opposite: The King of Gilgamesh

They also had eight children born of Ninhursag's efforts to heal Enki in the myth Enki and Ninhursag: Abu (god of plants and growth); Nintulla (Lord of Dilmun and precious metals); Ninsitu (goddess of healing, wife of healing-god Ninazu); Ninkasi (goddess of beer); Nanshe (also Nanse, social justice, fertility, divination, and the interpretation of dreams); Azimua (goddess of healing, wife of underworld deity Ningishida); Emshag (Lord of Dilmun, god of fertility) and Ninti (goddess of the rib, giver of life). Enki is also often depicted as the father of one of the most popular and enduring deities, Inanna, goddess of war, sexuality, passion, fertility, love, and prostitutes. He had a twin brother, Adad (also known as Ishkur), god of weather and storms.

The Tablet of Shamesh is a limestone table recovered from the ancient Babylonian city of Sippar, now in Southern Iraq, in 1881.

The scene at the head of the tablet Nabu-aplu-iddina being led by the priest Nabu-nadin-shum and the goddess Aa into the presence of the Sun-god, who is seated within Ebabbara. Before the god is the solar disc, resting upon an altar which is supported by ropes held by attendant deities, whose bodies spring from the roof of the shrine. In the field above the Sun-god, and within the shrine, are a lunar disc, a solar disc and an eight-pointed star, the symbols of Shamash and Ishtar. The god wears a horned headdress and carries the ringed rod in his right hand. The shrine is represented as resting on the heavenly ocean. The inscription is engraved in six columns, three upon the obverse and three upon the reverse.

Tablet of Shamash.jpg

This site would be incomplete without reference to the work of Zaccharia Sitchin's work and conclusions. Although I differ with Sitchin on the conclusions drawn his work has been essential in bringing the Annunaki to the attention of the public. The 12th Planet is the first book his prophetic Earth Chronicles series--a revolutionary body of work that offers indisputable documentary proof of humanity's extraterrestrial forefathers. Travelers from the stars, they arrived eons ago, and planted the genetic seed that would ultimately blossom into a remarkable species...called Man.

The 12th Planet brings to life the Sumerian civilization, presenting millennia-old evidence of the existence of Nibiru, the home planet of the Anunnaki and of the landings of the Anunnaki on Earth every 3,600 years, and reveals a complete history of the solar system as told by these early visitors from another planet.

Book 1

The Annunaki are the stuff of legends. Their history and that of the earth are intertwined. The Sumerians speak of a race of aliens from the planet Niburu, other tales tell of how a wandering planet Niburu collided with a giant planet Tiamat giving rise to the Earth. Further stories tell of how Niburu is planet X; on an elliptical orbit around our sun every 3,600 years.

Legends of the Annunaki exist in the Atra-Hasis, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and in the Bible. These are legends built over time. This book tells, in ten inter-related short-stories an anternate story of who the Annunaki are, how they have influenced our civilization, and it tells of their return.

Book 2

In the late summer of 1834, a schooner fleeing the potato famine in Ireland beaches itself off the east coast of America, opposite the Chesapeake Bay. On board are hundreds of decomposing bodies that appear to have met their death while fighting each other. Only a malevolent spirit remains one that reaches back in history to the bloody massacre of the Druids by the Romans under the command of Suetonius Paullinus in 60 A.D.A young girl, Mary, is possessed by the spirit. Upon her death, a miasma is released from her body and enters the atmosphere of America in the time of Andrew Jackson. A malevolent miasma that brings with it death and terror on a scale never seen before.Captain Bardeen, Provost of Newport forms a team to track down this spirit, an evil that carries the essence of the druids and their thousand-year hatred of the Romans. Banning the Druid carries that essence within him. Awoken, his task is to exact revenge on Romans. The miasma descends over a revival meeting in Savannah. Those on Revival Field feel an overwhelming urge to kill Romans, and to them, everyone is a Roman. Soon the field in nothing but the dead. 

By the year 50AD most of southern England had fallen to the soldiers of Rome. In the wild areas of the west, however, the legions had made little progress and the Welsh tribes, the Silures and the Ordovices in the south, the Demaete in the north, kept up an almost constant guerilla campaign against the invaders. 

The Roman general Suetonius Paulinus led his legions out from the fortress town of Chester, heading for a final reckoning on the island of Anglesey, or Mona as it was then known.

The island was significant for the defending tribesmen. Anglesey was the sacred home of the druids, the spiritual leaders of the native people. Most, of the druids had retreated  there and were on the island when Suetonius attacked.

Druids are massacred by the soldiers of Suetonius Paulinus, Stock Photo,  Picture And Rights Managed Image. Pic. MEV-10117064 | agefotostock

Who Were The Druids Of Roman Britain? (History & Facts)

The Romans believed that on Anglesey the druids practiced all sorts of weird and evil rituals. Magic and soothsaying, even human sacrifice, they told themselves, were carried out on this distant island. The Romans beliefs on the Druids were commonly held amongst the troops at this time.

What happened next was described in some detail by the Roman historian Tacitus. Although he was not present at the battle, but he was a scrupulously accurate researcher and historian, and would have used first hand accounts from men who were there, at both the campaign and the eventual battle, to lend credibility to his account.

The Romans headed steadily westwards and the tribesmen of the area, realising they could not stand against such a mass of highly trained and well-equipped soldiers, simply slipped away into the hills. They might have made the occasional foray against isolated units of the advancing army but, other than that, there was little opposition.

Eventually Suetonius Paulinus and his legions reached the shores of the Menai Straits. Knowing that the time had come to make a final stand, the tribesmen and their priests gathered on the opposite shore of the island.

Tacitus gave the following description: "On the shore stood the forces of the enemy, a dense array of arms and men, with women dashing through the ranks like the furies --- The druids pouring forth dire imprecations with their hands uplifted towards the heavens, struck terror into the soldiers."

The druids, the supposedly human-sacrificing enemy priests, struck a chill in everyone's hearts, but it was the appearance of the women, wild haired and all bearing torches, that most frightened the legionaries. They were not used to facing such an enemy. Urged on by their officers, the Roman cavalrymen swam their horses across the Straits while the infantry made the crossing in small, flat-bottomed boats. And when they reached the Anglesey side, their blood-lust knew no bounds.

Tacitus simply said: "they bore down upon them, smote all who opposed them to the earth and wrapped them in the flames they had themselves kindled."

What happened was a massacre. Men, women and children - armed and unarmed, young and old - fell under the swords of the Romans. The bodies of the dead and dying were unceremoniously hurled onto makeshift funeral pyres. Suetonius and his soldiers then roamed across the island, destroying the druids sacred oak groves, smashing their altars and temples and killing anyone they could find.


New York City's Surprising Role Funding Slavery and Profiting Off the Civil  War

The attack at Revival Fieldis only the start as a reign of terror is unleashed on the eastern seaboard of the United States.Captain Bardeen is called upon by Major Fothergill of the U.S. Army, and together they try to understand what has happened. Working side-by-side, they form a team with the skills and ability to understand these events, and, finally, bring this horror to an end.But, just when the world thinks it's over ....A blend of historical fiction, horror, and adult fantasy, The Revenge of the Druids, tells of the events as they unfold as the Druids set out to wreak revenge on the Romans, bringing fear, terror, and uncertainty to America, and later Europe, in a manner never imagined before.

In the first book in the series set 14.2 million years ago aliens visited the Earth. “The Annunaki”, a race of intergalactic explorers, seeded early man with segments of DNA that enhanced their brain size and ability to think allowing them to become the dominant species on Earth.

In this, the third book in the series, the year is 2015, and a scientist and researcher analyzing DNA sequencing discovers that at some time in the distant past 'synthetic' DNA has been added to human DNA. Fearing that his discovery will be suppressed by the Deep State he searches out for an investigative journalist to put his information in the public domain.

In doing so sets in motion a chain of events will shake both Washington D.C and the world to it's very foundations. The repercussions are endless as the existence of aliens is revealed along with the exposure of a long-term government cover-up.

Book 4

Our journey began 14.2 million years ago when the Annunaki visited Earth and altered the DNA of early hominids. Their intervention increased their ability to think and communicate and led to the human race becoming the dominant species on the planet. Fast forward to the third novel in the series (Deep State) where President Barack Obama announced to the American public and the world that the existence of aliens had been kept secret and that many of the conspiracy theories surrounding alien visitations to Earth were founded in fact.

The annals of the ancients tell of the return of the Annunaki in the year 2022. On their return they evaluate the human race to see how we have developed as a species and how we have treated our planet. The human race teeters on the bring of extermination as they decide our fate.

Sci-Fi, history, the environment, politics and the future combine in the final book in the Annunaki series as the Annunaki make their decision on whether their experiment in raising hominids to become humans, the dominant species on Earth has proved itself.

Their interest is Planet Earth and how well we have looked after it. It is the health and well-being of the planet that it their principal concern. It is on that and that alone, that they will make their judgement on the future of a mankind that they helped create.

The Annunaki; The Reckoning. In the previous book in the series “2022; The Return of the Annunaki”, the Annunaki mysteriously disappeared when they were on the cusp of deciding mankind’s fate as custodians of Planet Earth. Their decision was based on whether mankind was the right species to ensure the survival of the planet into the future. Their concern was not for mankind, but for the long-term survival of the planet and whether we, as a species would be able to rectify the environmental damage we had already caused and return the Earth to an equilibrium.

The Annunaki were a telepathic species and in their time observing Earth they had interacted with us, enhancing the telepathic ability of some and increasing many to match their own IQ of 250. The chosen telepaths that remained after the disappearance of the Annunaki were by earth standards geniuses with a score well above that of Einstein and they had a commitment to ensure the environmental well-being of the planet. Some saw them as saviors while others saw them as the spawn of the Annunaki to be exterminated, The Annunaki had left; but their progeny remained.

This is the sixth book in the Annunaki Saga. 14.2 million years ago the Annunaki visited the earth and altered the DNA of early man in order that we would become the dominant species on the planet. Book 4 saw them return and be forced to make a judgement on mankind and how we have looked after the planet. Book 6 concludes the series.

Book 5 saw the Plan Movement; a worldwide environmental organization enjoy outstanding success in elections across the planet and become the dominant force in global politics. In the United States of America the Democratic Party held onto power in a close-run race but the success of the Plan Movement had altered the face of politics around the world forever. As dictators and despots fought to cling on to power the Sentinel, the Annunaki spaceship that remained in orbit around the Earth, ensured that all nuclear weapons were rendered useless as the world struggled to regain order and rebuild.

The Plan Movement, headed by the clandestine Ruling Council and controlled by the telepaths empowered by the Annunaki, sought to drive forward the environmental agenda and save the planet before the ‘tipping point’ was reached. Unknown to the people the Ruling Council now held the reigns of global power. The question are what would the do with that power and could they act to save the planet from the threat of global warming?

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